Golden Light…

Vintage3Vintage1imageThis is a little saying Dave and I always use. It’s true golden hour is the best hour for taking photographs. Everything looks so dreamy and I just love the light streaks! I’ve had a much more relaxing weekend compared to the last couple, with it being my Birthday, then going home and to Cheltenham and then my Father visiting. I’ve been very busy – not complaining as all was time well spent and  I loved seeing my family but it’s so nice to have a stay at home weekend. Staying local meant Coco and I was abel to wander down and visit Rachael. We had a wonderful afternoon and took photos. In the evening we got dressed up and headed to the pub, luckily we had our glad rags on and make up done, before the blackout hit Tooting Boardway!

Vintage4Vintage2What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Thrift Store

Dress, Scarf, Bag & Shoes – Vintage


Photos – Rachael

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9 thoughts on “Golden Light…

  1. such a lovely natural light! I love what you are wearing, when I go back home I will be raiding my charity shops, thank you for inspiring me! 😀


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