With Love…

Vday9vdayVday7Happy Valentines Day To You All!

My Step Farther kindly took some photos for me today. I ‘ve given them a little make over, with the help of  my Mothers ipad and the app Paper 53. Ipad users you should get it, it’s lots of fun! I used the app to draw and write then cut them out on photoshop and place them on top of my images.  I’m away with my Mother and step Father for a few days in Cheltenham, we’re celebrating my birthday and spending some quality time together. As I haven’t really seen my parents since October last year… Crumbs, thats a long time! I feel like my Birthday celebrations are taking over the whole of February (not that I mind) as at the end of the month my Daddy’s coming to visit me in London. I love how much I’m getting to see my folks this month. Hopefully in my next post I’ll have pretty photographs from our little trip, theres so many pretty building here, plus were planing to visit local vintage stores. I’ll keep you update!Vday3Vday2What I’m wearing –

Dress – Topshop

Hat – Accessories

Coat & Bag – Vintage

Boots – Brick Lane

Belt – Primark
Vday8Vday4Vday1Vday6Photos taken by Greg & myself.

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12 thoughts on “With Love…

    1. I created the line drawings on paper 53, then cut them out on photoshop and lay them over the top of my image. I guess I didn’t explain that clearly, sorry my bad… I just really enjoyed the drawing freedom in paper 53, much easier than scanning drawings in! X


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