Military Hardware…

ArmyShirt1ArmyShirt5ArmyShirt3Hello New Blouse –

My friend brought me this camouflage blouse as an early birthday present. I saw it while we were on a shopping trip and first wasn’t to sure about it, but once I tried it on I knew exactly how I’d style it. I’m finding I’m drawn to outfits with a slightly darker edge at the moment. Not always, as I still love my vintage dresses but theres something I love about wearing black and darker colours and mixing textures together, like the sheer shirt and faux leather skirt. I got this skirt on uniform from work at a really nice discounted price. I thought I’d get a wear out of it before I get bored of it, only from wearing it to much at work. I find the clothing at my work isn’t very me and hard to find pieces I like but when I do, I eventually get bored of them because I have to wear it so much and not able to mix it with my own clothing pieces. It’s frustrating but I guess it leaves all my clothes nice and fresh for the weekends!
ArmyShirtArmyShirt6ArmyShirt8What I’ m wearing –

Hat, Belt & Boots – Topshop

Shirt – Blanco

Skirt – Warehouse

Jacket – Army Surplus

Scarf & Bag – Vintage


Photos – Shooting Dave

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13 thoughts on “Military Hardware…

  1. I love this outfit. The shirt is gorgeous! Just wondering.. how do you curl your hair? I have a similar hair cut and always struggled to get it wavy./curly like yours. Looks so nice! x


    1. Mines naturally wavy so all I do is add a flick here and there with straighteners, but use curling spray and let it half dry naturally then boost it up with the hair dryer and curl the frizzy bits and any ends that look straight into flicks but for the most part my hair does all the work and I add 10% at the end. I’d say give some curl spray ago while wet then keep scrunching it while it drys then scrunch an hair dry together. Hope that helps.


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