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LondonDave-1Canon 1000F –

Here’s a collection of film photographs taken in and around London. Some date back from the summer months, I guess it takes me longer to use a roll of film than when I snap away with my digital camera. Up above we have the iconic Tower Bridge, pretty flowers, spanish food we cooked. A day trip to Kingston Upon Themes, which is very pretty and where we take our family when they come to visit!

DaveFoodCooking-1CookingFood-1London1Dave2Woods-1This is my much favorite woodland location in the summer months, look how green it is compared to these photos. These photos were snapped up on my Canon 1000F. There’s something so magical about shooting on film, you never know what the results will be and if you’ll be in focus or the right exposure as once it’s taken its taken. I mean I can adjust those things but I’m not gonna lie, when Dave’s not around I wing it… ha ha. I’ve been taking my film camera out with me lately even choosing it over my digital, so hopefully soon I’ll have some cool shots to show you and maybe even a film outfit post. Let’s wait and see how the film develops 🙂


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