Forest Flower…

IMG_0795Woods1IMG_0837Hello To My Inner Goth –

Firstly Happy Christmas everyone! Here’s a little shoot Dave and I created, every year I like to plan an extra special outfit for the big day, usually my family go to a restaurant for our big lunch so we dress up but this year I’m spending my first Christmas with Dave and his family. It’ll be at his family home with about fifteen people, I’ve never been to such a big Christmas dinner. I still choose to dress up and this is what I’ll be wearing.


I’ve been longing for a floral crown for oh so long and so has Katrina, we decided to each buy the other one for Christmas. Now I had the crown, I started planning what style of dress I’d like. I wanted gothic and found this beauty in Topshop along with the belt and boots, all brought with Christmas money from my Mother. The look was coming together nicely and I opted for dark nails and lipstick to finish it off. The woodland setting was the perfect location for this shoot, I’m really pleased with the  final images and hope you like them too!


What I’m wearing –

Coat & Bag – Vintage

Dress, Boots & Belt – Topshop

Floral Crown – Crown and Glory


Photos – Shooting Dave

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