A White Christmas…

WhiteDress11WhiteDressWhiteDress4We Didn’t Get Snow But I Got A White Dress –

Lately I’ve been drawn to a more whimsical and gothic look, not my usual style but one thats slowly creeping into my wardrobe. This dress is oh so prefect for a adding a little whimsical charm to my style. It’s from Topshop and I first brought the black version and loved it so much that I went back and got the white one too! The lace detail and high neckline has a victorian gothic feel to it yet the white floaty fabric makes me feel dreamy. You will see the black version on Christmas day, in a very special post 🙂


What I’m wearing –

Coat, Cardigan & Bag – Vintage

Dress, Belt & Boots – Topshop

Hat – H&M

Necklace – DIYWhiteDress9WhiteDress2WhiteDress7

Photos – Shooting Dave

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6 thoughts on “A White Christmas…

  1. Hi Amy, love your style and looking gorgeous in this outfit. You’re simply “Awesome”. Merry Christmas and may God’s grace be with you. Hope you & your family have a wonderful Holiday &…A Happy New Year !


  2. Its so sad christmas is over but i now have your blig.. Your style is perfect
    . Infact ive just dobe some post simular to this one!


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