DIY – Studded Collar…

What you’ll need –

A shirt with a collar, needle and thread, buttons or studs to jazz up the collar.

Step One –

Before we start sewing and studding the collar I placed my buttons and studs on the collar to see where I’d like them to sit. I then started with the silver stud in the corners of the collar and worked up. After doing one side of the collar I do the other side trying to keep it as symmetrical as possible.

Step Two –

I choose to sew my main button in position and then the smaller studs and buttons around the main detail area.

Step Three –

Keep adding studs and buttons doing each side to mirror the other. Adding as many or as little buttons and studs as you wish.

The studs will need to be pushed through the fabric in the position wanted and then bend the spikes down with scissors. The above picture shows what they will look like once bent over.

Step Four –

Keep building the studs and buttons along the collar till you get the effect you wish. I chose to have lots of detail at the corner of the collars and disbanding up to the edge.

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12 thoughts on “DIY – Studded Collar…

  1. i love this and people will wonder where you bought it hahahahahhahahaah this is great thanx for shat=ring i have shirts thst needs to be pimped up…am installing a big question mark in people’s heads lol…


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