Toy Camera’s

I love having lots of different Toy Camera’s to play with. I tend to use my Diana Mini the most because it’s fun and easy, plus the colours within the film are great and it’s cute square shaped photos.

The Fuji instax is loads of fun but the film is quite pricey so I don’t use it to often but it’s great to use on special days and holidays! I just love the credit card size polaroids, I’ve gotten lots of lovely snaps from this baby. I’ve had both these camera’s for a good two to three years and I love them dearly.

I’ve been featured on Loose Threads by the lovely Madhumitha.

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3 thoughts on “Toy Camera’s

  1. i consider myself a professional photographer but i still love these toy cameras. the lomo LC-A (not quite toylike, but still) is one of my favorites. ive got a diana+ and a holga 120 on the way. cant wait! haha


  2. I haven’t used a film in forever, but my Holga is set to arrive on April 26th and I couldn’t be more excited! I hadn’t heard of the Fuji Instax, but it looks great, since I have been having a hard time finding film for my polaroid 😦


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