Spring Blossom…

It was lovely weather again on my day off. I took Coco to the little woods and took some outfit photos while I was there. It was a bit strange doing them in the woods by myself with the tripod and remote. I didn’t half get some funny looks from people walking their dogs. Plus lots of people wanted to watch and talk to me which made it awkward but I managed to over come that and carry on.

 I’ve also dyed my hair a deeper red as you can see. I was getting a little fed up of the patchy-ness of it before but hoping this red will fade nicely into ginger but for now I’m enjoying the bold red of it. After dying my hair and visiting the doctors and doing other chores I fancied a simple outfit and this did the trick.

What I’m wearing –

Jacket & Sunglasses – H&M

Skirt, Belt & Bag – Vintage

T-shirt & Brogues – Topshop

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4 thoughts on “Spring Blossom…

  1. Wow – I think that is so brave to take photos yourself in a public place – I am way too scared of people watching me for that!

    Love the outfit though, and so glad you braved it!


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