Wish List…

1. I’ve been lusting after this Pins & Needles dress for oh so long now. It’s every thing I could hope for in a dress!

2. I’m in great need of an iphone case, I love this patch work hot air ballon one – sadly I think it’s only available on the USA Urban Outfitters site.

3. When we moved to London my Christmas tree was left behind, along with all my pretty decorations I’d collected over the years. These cute Paperchase snowman & tree would help build up my collection again.

4. These bad boy brogues are already sitting under my tree awaiting to be opened! My lovely sister brought me them as my present! 🙂

5. I like to treat myself to a new party dress each year. This grey lace Topshop one, looks just the treat!

6. This de-vine satchel is surely on everyone’s wish list? I would love to one day have Cambridge Satchel!

7. Every year I get a diary from Paperchase – this is the one I hope to get for next year.

8. I used to have a pretty mirror like this, but sadly it was dropped. I’ve been looking for a replacement and this Urban Outfitters one seams perfect!

What’s on your Christmas Wish List?

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