Hello Mr Fox…

Walking Coco and taking outfit photos in the woods or an outdoor location is my favorite thing to do at the weekends. It’s so nice and relaxing, then spending the afternoon drinking cups of tea and editing photos. I really enjoy this routine, it’s taken a while to get back into it since moving to London. As while in Birmingham we would visit Canon Hill park every Sunday and get coffee, wander around and snap photos on the way. I find the parks down south aren’t as good, well I guess thats because there commons but least we live right next to two big ones!

These photos were taken on Sunday, I’m sporting my new fox jumper. I got it on uniform with a rather handsome discount, perks of working in retail! I think it’s one you either love or hate as half my colleges loved it like me and the other were like don’t buy that. I knew how I wanted to style it, with a collar peeping out from the top. I’ve found it very hard to take off, I seam to be wearing it all the time! I’ve teamed it with an old vintage skirt, denim shirt (mainly just for the collar) and my loafers. They haven’t had an outing for a while so thought why not.  I sometimes for get what shoes I have as they live in the cupboard out of sight. Do you often find old favorites hidden out of sight and rekindle the love?

What I’m wearing –

Shirt & Jumper – Topshop

Skirt & Coat – Vintage

Shoes – Office

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Also I’ll be picking the winner of my gorgeous vintage bag, I will announce it on Sunday evening!

Photos – Shooting Dave

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