Iris Loves…

I don’t remember when I first visited Vintage Reflection but I still remember what I felt when I saw it for the first time. As a vintage lover I loved Amy’s vintage style so much I couldn’t go out of there. 🙂 Her works and outfit combinations made the rest and that’s why I decided to visit her so often!

So when I was invited to Vintage Reflection second blog birthday I new it would be a fun party! 😉 I wanted to wear something simple with a glitter touch and I instantly thought of my mum’s little black lace dress which I’ve always loved and the Abataba collar (I fell in love with it at Madrid Fashion Week showroom and couldn’t help but get it weeks after it!).
Do you also have your own LBD? If you don’t, you should! Is there anything more versatile and beautiful in fashion at the same time? Don’t think so… we love you Coco!What Iris Is Wearing…

Dress – 80s from my mum

Collar – Abataba

 Ring – Forever 21 (London)

Tights – H&M

Shoes – Local shop (in Madrid)

Lipstick – Chanel Délicieuse 80 rouge allure

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3 thoughts on “Iris Loves…

  1. Me too, I have lots of LBD but not the ‘one’ yet.. I now feel I want a lace one. The hunt continues!

    I just want to thank Iris for guest posting, it was a pleasure to have you here at Vintage Reflection! Thanks 🙂 xxx


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