Autumnal Blues…

I got this super cute dress on Friday, while having a day trip back home to Birmingham. It was ace, I got the see a fashion show, meet some new fashion bloggers and see my family for lunch and an afternoon of hanging out. Soon as I saw the collar on this dress I knew I wanted it. The cute blue and white print just added to it’s cuteness!

The weather was a little odd this week, one minute really warm the next chilly and as soon as the evening draws near it gets very cold! As it was sunny today I took the opportunity to go bare legged and wear ankle socks, as you can see my legs are pretty much as white as my socks and can hardly see them. Shows how little sun we had this year (I guess it also shows I avoid the sun at all costs). I added my favorite coat and woolly hat once the chill hit down.

What I’m wearing –

Coat, Dress, Hat & Broach – Vintage

Belt – H&M

Socks – Topshop

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Brogues – Office
Photos – Dave Cox

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9 thoughts on “Autumnal Blues…

  1. Loving this look, one of your best… no suprise blue is my absolute favourite colour!
    Blatant self promotion but did you read my piece about how amazing a colour it is?… Really, I’m quite obsessed with this glorious and versatile colour!


    1. Thank you, I do love this outfit and feel now its Autumn I can layer up and thats my favorite thing to do with clothing.
      I haven’t but sure am going to check it out now, blue is one of my favorites to, dark deep blues are the best!


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