Hello Autumn…

Hello Autumn & Hello New Hair –

I fancied a change so I’ve had my hair cut and straighten it, I doubt it’ll be straight all the time as I’ve become rather lazy with my hair and having it curly is fuss free and easy to do.

I used to have shorter straight hair about four years ago, so it’s quite strange seeing myself in the mirror with my hair so straight. Although I’m slowly getting used to it now. What do you think of my hair and do you ever get bored of yours and long for a change?

Any way onto this outfit, autumn is here and that means only one thing… Bring out the faux fur coats and autumnal colour pallet. I felt this outfit was defiantly a hello to the new season. With the different textures, from the denim shirt to the printed sheer scarf and then the faux fur coat. I love layering up and mixing different textures, Autumn is by far my favorite season. I got this skirt from H&M for £15 what a bargain and it came with the belt, I knew how I wanted to wear it and think the denim shirt gives it a more causal edge. I always jump at the chance to wear a bow and as I had nothing else pattern on it was the perfect accessory to add a bit of print and texture to the look.

What I’m wearing –

Coat, Bag & Scarf – Vintage

Shirt – Topshop

Skirt – H&M

Loafers – Office

Photos – Dave Cox

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9 thoughts on “Hello Autumn…

  1. Love the hair, so different but looks great, really suits you. I never get bored of my hair.. what are you talking about? Lol! Outfit is great, love how you’ve made the denim shirt more girly with the neck scarf too!! X


  2. Oh I love the new hair!! Really suits you and good cut for the winter. The contrast of the denim shirt and silk scarf looks brilliant, I like the combination of colours abd textures within this outfit. Good work!


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