Super Tee…

I’ve finally gotten around to wearing my Super Superficial T-shirt, which I got for my Birthday back in February. I do wear this t-shirt a lot but just never seam to wear it on photo days, not to sure why. I was drawn to this print, I think mainly because of the stag and I was well into my stag / animal themed stage and still am. I love a good animal print! It so happened that both Dave and I wore our Super Superficial t-shirts today. I kind of like that 🙂  If your looking for a quirky tee defiantly check them out. Dave’s got his on a t-shirt subscription which is pretty cool!

What I’m wearing –

Coat & Cardigan – Vintage

T-shirt – Super Superficial

Skirt – Topshop

Belt – H&M

Shoes – OfficeI love this photograph of my shoes, the colours are the best. I’m also wearing my new jacket I got from a vintage / second hand market. I really love it and the fact it has a hood for this crazy wet then dry weather we’ve been having here in London and I’m guessing the rest of the UK. You will be seeing it a lot more in the future.

Photos – Dave Cox

10 thoughts on “Super Tee…

  1. penny says:

    i enjoyed so much this outfit of yours today!first of all for the amazing skirt!second, because i finally saw an outfit with tights! really how weird is this weather? cold and rainy and then suddenly the sun is up!


  2. Harriet says:

    That is such acute tee! Im looking for the perfect soft tee at the moment – my main criteria is something not see through which seems impossible on the highstreet so I will have to check them out!


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