Vintage Wonder…

Check out this cool location, we headed down to the canal path under the M6 and Spaghetti Junction. I go past this location daily on the bus route to work. Dave and I thought it’d be a pretty cool shoot setting, and boy were we right. Dave’s doing his project 50 and wanted this location for this photo of our friend James. After seeing photos of James I couldn’t pass up getting some outfit shots taken here too.

My outfit consist of my new vintage  floral shirt and shoes that my Father brought me, both are from Cow Vintage. I’m so pleased with my new shoes, It’s so hard to find vintage shoes in my size, well these aren’t actually my size their a size 5 (I’m a 6) but they fit. I’m so happy with them.

I love the bright colours in this floral shirt, I teamed it with my denim skirt, which I’m finding very useful to wear with all my different style blouses and shirts. I’ve worn it with this shirt and then with this blouse. I reckon this floral beaut will look pretty cool with my jeans too.

What I’m Wearing –

Coat & Scarf – Vintage, Thrift

Shirt & Shoes – Cow Vintage

Skirt & Hat – Topshop

Belt & Sunglasses – H&M

Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Photos – Dave Cox

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