Warehouse Wonderland

Unintentionally, my outfit turned out to look like a school girls uniform, I’m wearing this motel dress with a black tie as a bow. I’m also wearing spotty tights and ankle socks with my beloved Office brogue boots, I liked my school uniform type look, ha ha… It was only when we got to the warehouse and set up the camera and when I started posing that Caroline said you look like a rebel private school girl.

Caz and I played with my new camera remote – which I got for my Birthday off Dave, I was also lucky enough to get a pretty slick Canon flash from my dad. I love the remote it means we we’re able to take pics of each other then prate around and take photos together, we had a lot of fun with it. I will show you some very funny and silly jumping photos we took another time as this post is pretty photo heavy already.

What I’m Wearing –

Coat & Bag  – Vintage

Dress – Motel

Belt & Socks – H&M

Boots – Office

Watch – Urban Outfitters

Check us out being “cool kids” ha ha, I love these to shots of us. Also check Caz’s cool new hair cut – makes me want to get a new hair style but I’m stuck in a growing it longer rut and kinda like it. I think her hair style and colour look amazing in these photos!
What Caz Is Wearing –
Coat – Ebay
Dress – Rare
Brogues – Topshop
Hat – H&M
Belt – Primark
Necklace – Beadasarus
How nice is Caz’s coat, she got it off ebay, I’m so jealous of it. It has super cute lace detail and faux fur trim on it. I love every thing about it, the fit and shape.

Photos – Me & Caz

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