Trouser Wearing…

As you know I don’t often wear trousers or jeans, other than the odd time like here and here oh any maybe here – but it’s a rare occasion! So while spending my Birthday money in London, I popped into Topshop and had a mooch around, I’ve been in a sort of Dandy mood lately, wearing shirts and blouses done up tot he top and fancied some jeans or trousers to wear. So I took a couple different styles into the fitting rooms and I found these, that I rather liked. Still being unsure of them, I brought them any way and headed off to Urban Outfitters to find a blouse or shirt to wear with them. I came across this sheer shirt, I loved the colour and little spots and of course the button up and collar appealed to me. Tired them both on together and thought oooh I don’t mind this and jeans are so comfy – as you can see I kept them both and glad I did. I’m thinking you may start seeing me in trouser / jeans more.

What I’m Wearing –

Coat – Vintage

Shirt & Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Jeans, Hat & Brogues – Topshop

Brooch – Topman

Quick couple of snaps of my friend James and I.

Photos – Dave Cox

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6 thoughts on “Trouser Wearing…

  1. i think they suit you. although i feel your pain. i cannot stand pants either. they never look nice on me for some reason.

    oh and i love the floral pair in that older post! now those are a pair of pants i think i could wear!



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