What We Wore…

Caz and I got to hang out on our day off this week, I love it when we both get the same day off. I’m not a fan of mid week days off, feels like I never get a weekend or much time to do any thing as most of my friends are busy working and free at weekends instead. So it was good we both got to hang out mid-week. We wandered into town going past the disused ware house to take a couple of snaps and onto our local vintage store, where I found the dress of my dreams but sadly had to leave it there due to lack of funds. Roll on pay day, I will dashing back to buy it. I so hope it’s still there!!

We both went for casual outfits for mooching around the shops, looking at things we want to buy come payday. Which is kind of a bad idea as its like torture seeing vintage items you want to buy in a store that doesn’t hold things. EEEP! I also came across some shoes I want from Office and lots of tights and I’m after a animal necklace of some kind, any one have any reconditions of where to find one? I will try my hardest not to spend all my money this weekend, as I’m going to London in Feb.

What I’m Wearing –

Coat, Dress & Belt – Vintage

Snood & Satchel – Urban Outfitters

Cardigan – H&M

Shoes & Tights – Topshop

Wolf RIng – Freedom, Brown Ring – Forever 21

What Caz Is Wearing –

Dress & Coat – Topshop

Shoes – Henry Holland (Debenhams)

Scarf – H&M

Bag – Urban Outfitters

Check out Caz‘s amazing Henry Holland shoes, I’m so jealous of them!

Photos – Caz & Me

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9 thoughts on “What We Wore…

  1. When I like something in the thrift store that I can’t buy on the spot, I “fool” myself in hanging in way back on the hanger. As if that is going to help, But I’ve been lucky a couple of times. So who knows you’re dress will be there when you go get it. I might try the brogue-dress thing too. I’m going to London next week, I’ll pay Topshop a visit.


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