Pretty In Pastel’s

I’m becoming a creature of habit and love my Sunday morning walks and outfit shoots. This is becoming a weekly fix, which makes me feel good as I’m working full-time and don’t have time to blog in the week. Which really gets me down as I find blogging relaxes me and I enjoy it. So when it comes to Sundays I love getting dressed and getting our cameras together and heading down to the park. I’m wearing my new dress, which I altered the length of. I’m so pleased with it and can’t wait for the summer, I feel this dress will be the perfect summer dress!

I love the pale pastel colours in this dress, there rather light compared to my normal colour pallet but I love them next to the rich navy and bright mustard / yellow cardigan.

What I Wore…
Coat, Dress & Hat – Vintage
Cardigan & Belt – H&M
Shoes – River Island
Bag & Watch – Urban Outfitters
Brooch – Topman

I love these last couple of shots, I like the framing and set up. I think the colour’s look bold and fresh to. Such a fun outfit to wear! I have a couple of out takes and up closes of our bags from this shoot which I will share later in the week.

Photos – Dave Cox

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17 thoughts on “Pretty In Pastel’s

  1. I love the mustard cardigan! I find it a really hard colour to wear but its one of my favourites, which is annoying. Little hints of it, like when it peeks out from the cuff of your blazer, look wonderful.

    Jess x


  2. Hi Amy! Oh I understand you so well as it happens to me too! I did a shoot too (you can see it on my second last post) on Sunday and I loved it as I also work full-time and it’s impossible to do that things during the week. Moreover, I’m going to take some courses after work – from 19h to 22h so I think my Sunday morning walks will be the only thing that will be left from me on the weekend lol.

    Love from Madrid ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Love the colours here sweet, I must try to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe like this! I was lusting after that watch from UO for aaaaaages too, so jealous you have it! Sally x


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